About Us

The Artisan Baking Community is a social enterprise  bakery designed to deliver training and opportunities in the areas of employability, social inclusion, health and sustainability.

Artisan Baking Community

Baking in and with communities of all kinds is fundamental to what we do at ABC. Reconnecting people to whole foods, their locality, and each other, creates a wealth of positive benefits, starting with the individual and disseminating back into the community.


Our bakery provides the foundation for all that we do, and from here we produce a range of real breads available across the region at markets, from our wholesale partners, and from co-created micro food hubs (or ‘Breadbaskets’ as we like to call them for short!). All our breads are made with organic flour, real simple ingredients, and are 100% chemical free – just as bread should be.


(Our geordie yeast culture is called keith – ancient, bubbling along with no signs of stopping, and a good bit of swagger).


Connecting through food is ancient and universal, and bread is a staple shared across cultures. Right now our globalised food systems are increasingly problematic and unsustainable. Not only are we paying for an industrialized food culture with our money, but also our fragile environment and health.


At a local level, people have become disassociated from food, where it comes from, what’s in it, and it’s profound effect on wellbeing. ABC is an innovative and practical response to this multifaceted issue. Scaling down food systems and supporting communities to access skills and local produce, gives them agency to choose wellbeing, to spend their money on their local economies, and invest in each other at the grass roots. 

Schools, communities, outreach

At ABC we have experience of developing food based projects and delivering baking workshops for a variety of communities in a host of different settings. So far we have worked very successfully with schools, young adults, families, community groups, people with special needs, and more. We’re flexible in the scale of activities provided and can tailor workshops to support a range of learning outcomes and project goals.  Please do get in touch to discuss a project or find out more.